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Pressure Wassure Pressure Wassure 12" Peak Oil 2014
Boxology Boxology Cass/Digi 100% Silk 2014
Return From The Stars Return From the Stars 12" Idle Hands 2013
Clocky Man Clocky Man 7" ZamZam Sounds 2013
what If What If? Cassette Boomarm Nation 2012
Luna Luna 12" Endless Flight 2012
Strategy Strategy LP Peak Oil 2012
dub in my system Dub In My System
7" ZamZam Sounds 2012
Boxy Music Boxy Music 12" 100% Silk 2012
The Fixer The Fixer 12" Endless Flight 2011
Super Awareness Is Fruit Super Awareness Is Fruit 12" Under The Spire 2011
Awareness Is Fruit Awareness Is Fruit 3" CD-R Under The Spire 2009
Sines Of Life Sines of Life 3" CD-R hellosQuared 2009
Noise Tape Reggae Noise Tape Reggae 7" Entr'acte 2008
Music For Lamping Music for Lamping CD Audio Dregs 2008
Electric Soup Electric Soup 12" EP Low Point 2008
Pacific Agenda Pacific Agenda 12" Dreck 2007
Future Rock 12" Future Rock 12" Community Library 2007
Future Rock CD Future Rock CD Kranky 2007
Fields of May Fields of May 12" Orac 2006
World House World House 12" Community Library 2005
Super Vamp Super Vamp 12" Orac 2004
Drumsolo's Delight LP Drumsolo's Delight LP Audio Dregs 2004
Drumsolo's Delight CD Drumsolo's Delight CD Kranky 2004
Going Street Dub Going Street Dub 7" Shockout 2004
Strut Strut CD Outward Music Company 2003
Marathon Heights Marathon Heights 12" Orac 2003