Concerts and DJing
If you are interested in booking Strategy for live set or DJing. I use real vinyl records only for DJing.

Original Music for Media and Sound Design
In addition to making music recordings for record labels, I sometimes compose music for digital media, or do sound design for commercial projects - like soundtracks for short videos or stuff for websites.

I am frequently asked to remix music by labels, producers and bands. Due to the nature of these projects (fun, but closer to 'technical service' than 'art practice') I must charge a moderate fee and prefer to set up a written remix agreement before doing the work. I will ask for 25% of the fee up front as a demo fee, which I keep whether you use the remix or not. I assume that if you are shopping at Strategy's Remix Mart, you are there because you know what we sell and you already know that the Strategy remix style is right for you.

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