Yuri Lugovskoy "Track Four" Yuri Lugovskoy 2xCD Home Assembly Music 2012
Pollyn "Same Old Thing" unreleased   2012
Sapphire Slows "Lights Spin Over You" unreleased   2012
Pete Swanson "Remote View" unreleased   2012
YACHT "Utopia" unreleased   2012
YACHT "Dystopia" unreleased   2012
The Ooze "What's Up" unreleased   2011
Soundpool "Mirrors In Your Eyes" Re-Mirrored CD-EP Killer Pimp 2011
Kid606 "Holiday" Outside EP digital Tigerbeat6 2011
Signaldrift "Yesterday's Tomorrows" promo mp3 Audraglint 2010
The Hive Dwellers "Get In" Get In 12" K Records 2010
Gulls "Mean Sound" Mean Sound 12" Boomarm Nation 2010
Jacques Beloeil title unknown unreleased   2009
Ssion "Ah Ma" Ah Ma Remixes digital Sleazetone 2009
IMPS "Get a Grip" IMPS Remixed CD Mule Electronic 2009
Gareth Hardwick "Last Heights" Aversions CD Low Point 2009
Flossin "Serpents" Serpents EP digital Overlap 2009
Declining Winter "Haunt the Upper Hallways" Haunt the...7"/CD/CD-R Home Assembly Music 2009
Pyramiddd "Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second" Medicine 7" DDD 2009
Emulsion "Smeared Bus Window" Blue Sky Remixes digital Lens 2008
IMPS "Get a Grip" IMPS Remixed Vol. 2 12" Mule Electronic 2008
Declining Winter "York City 3" rmxs CD-R self-released 2008
Hey Willpower "Uh Uh Uh" Hundredaire CD-EP Tomlab 2007
Fulton Lights "The Sound of the City" Fulton Lights CD/CDR Android Eats/Catbird 2007
I Heart Lung "Interoceans" Interoceans Remixed digital Asthmatic Kitty 2007
Emulsion "Smeared Bus Window" Press/Emulsion split 12" self-released 2007
Starfucker "Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second" Jupiter LP/CD


The Blow "the Love That I Crave" Poor Aim: Love Songs K Records 2007
The Blow "the Love That I Crave" the Love that I Crave 12" Audraglint/Holocene 2006
The Blow "the Love That I Crave" It's Importand to Me...CD Comp Holocene 2006
Tussle "Blue Beat" unreleased   2006
The Plants "Acorn Child" It's Importand to Me...CD Comp Holocene 2006
The Juan Maclean "Love Is In the Air" Love Is In the Air 12" DFA 2006
Nice Nice "Onneon" Return of the Fight Club comp 12" Tigerbeat6 2005
Eats Tapes "Dinosaur Days" Supreme Master 12" Tigerbeat6 2005
Gregory Isaacs "Gone A Jail" Gone A Jail 12" Shockout 2005
Charles Atlas "One Foot Under" Fabricate CD Audraglint 2004
Stars As Eyes "Delicate" Loud New Shit CD Tigerbeat6 2003