Marathon Heights

Future Rock
CD full-length album

Released May 7, 2007
CD in full-color mini-gatefold sleeve

David Chandler provided editing/error removal assistance
Mastered by Twerk
Design by Goo
Contains samples of: Borg Norum (1), Brian Foote (1), Joshua Blanchard (7), Andy Neubauer (7), Don Godwin (7), Joel Jackson (7). Track 8 "Red Screen" is based on Nudge's "Blue Screen" and features guest vocals by Brian Foote and Honey Owens.

1. Can't Roll Back
2. Future Rock
3. Running On Empty
4. Windswept (Interlude)
5. Stops Spinning
6. Phantom Powered
7. Sunfall (Interlude)
8. Red Screen
9. I Have To Do This Thing (Planete Sauvage Mix)

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